“The art of law is the ability to appreciate and understand the big picture while analyzing its details. It takes skill and creativity to accomplish this. Our job is done when our clients achieve their goals and objectives.” - Mike Stanton

Michael Stanton

Civil and commercial litigator Mike Stanton uses his reasonable approach and positive attitude to get the best results for his clients, whether that’s an out-of-court settlement or a judge’s decision.

Focused on getting the best resolution possible.

When Mike Stanton works on a case, he gives as much attention to the process as the outcome. “Results are important, but so is how we get there,” says Mike. “We don’t win at all costs. We take a more global look and re-evaluate regularly to make sure clients reach their ultimate goal.”

A civil and commercial litigator with experience in class action suits, employment law, construction law and debt recovery, Mike’s priority is fixing problems.

“I don’t go in with guns blazing,” he says. “It doesn’t fit my personality or get the right results.” Instead, he focuses on building strong relationships, both with his clients and the other side. “My advocacy style is to have a conversation with the court. That’s how the court will come around to see my point of view. But long before we see a courtroom, I’m often working with opposing counsel to get the best resolution possible.”

Mike’s favourite cases are the most challenging ones. “I live and breathe my clients’ files, and I’d rather have a grueling case where I get more than the client hoped for than an easy case that was a hands-down win.”

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Q: Words to live by.

− A: “I like to see the glass as half full. Being an optimist is much more productive and enjoyable than being a pessimist. It allows you to make the most of opportunities. ”

Q: Proudest moment.

− A: “Without a doubt, the birth of my son.”

Q: Your greatest role model.

− A: “My grandfather. He taught me to play chess and hockey and told me about the war—that got me interested in history and political events, which became my undergrad degree. I looked up to him a lot when I was growing up.”