“We approach each case with professionalism, creativity and passion. You could liken that to the way an artist approaches a work of art.” - Matt Moloci

Matthew Moloci

Matt Moloci describes his approach to law as “fearless advocacy.” A self-described details guy, he applies his meticulous analysis and critical perspective to each case with a single-minded goal: getting an efficient solution for his litigation clients. And, unlike many senior lawyers, he answers his own phone.

Aggressive and thoughtful: A combination that gets results.

Matt Moloci prides himself on being able to provide a forthright and accurate assessment of a case, helping his clients determine the best course of action and getting the desired results as quickly as possible. “My ultimate goal is to find real solutions for real people living real lives,” he says. “Clients are sometimes surprised that I want them to spend the least amount of money possible to get a resolution.”

As a litigation lawyer with a class action, commercial and civil practice, Matt has experience in construction law, employment law, product liability and professional negligence. Together with his fellow partner, Dave Thompson, Matt has successfully sued a Bay Street law firm and represented 900,000 people in Canada’s largest class action lawsuit.

Matt’s preference is to find reasonable, rational solutions prior to trial. In one case, he helped resolve a multi-million dollar shareholder dispute without requiring a single day in court. “The clients had already spent $450,000 on other lawyers and were looking for a fresh perspective,” he says. “It had been personally and professionally exhausting for them and they were happy to have a solution—not more litigation.” That being said, Matt has successfully prosecuted trials and had judgments upheld on appeal, which is proof of his skills in front of a judge.

Featured Work

Matt has successfully adjudicated a variety legal matters through trial and appeal.

He has participated as counsel in advancing more than a dozen class actions through commencement, certification, mediation and resolution. As a result of his work, he has been recognized by the court as an experienced class action lawyer performing with a high level of skill and diligence.

Matt has presented on legal matters concerning class action, commercial and employment issues.

Q: Artistic style that best represents your approach to law.

− A: “Applied art. It’s technical precision combined with social and moral responsibility. I come across as a right-wing suit and tie but I’m actually the opposite.”

Q: Your greatest role model.

− A: “Clarence Darrow. He was an activist and consummate advocate, influencing labour law and defending evolution in the educational curriculum. But what I like most about him is his dinner parties—he’d sit around the dinner table with eight or 10 people and drink and debate social issues.”

Q: Favourite place to find inspiration.

− A: “Social or recreational escape. It’s important to get away from the details of a case so when you come back you bring a new perspective to the table.”