“We combine creativity and fierce advocacy with a view of elevating the legal services we provide to our clients- that’s what the art of the law means to me.” - Colleen Yamashita

Colleen Yamashita Partner

Colleen Yamashita handles complicated litigation files with skill and efficiency. And if you need a listening ear, a question answered or some thoughtful advice, she’s only a phone call away.

No such thing as a stupid question.

Colleen Yamashita wants you to know that you have her full attention.

Together with the litigation teams at Scarfone Hawkins, she provides the kind of client-focused, collaborative service that gets results. There is no matter too small (or large), no time that her door is closed and no stupid questions.

Colleen’s practice focuses on commercial litigation, employment law, construction law, debt litigation and all aspects of banking, insolvency, receivership and bankruptcy litigation. Colleen has experience acting for major lending institutions, corporate debtors, receivers and trustees on matters pertaining to debt collection, debt restructuring, security enforcement, receivership, CCAA and BIA reorganizations as well as for individuals, businesses and institutions on a variety of matters, including shareholder disputes, lease disputes, debt litigation and employment and wrongful dismissal matters.”

Her clients come in all sizes—from multinational companies to small businesses and individuals—and each of them have unique situations and needs. “It’s so interesting and fulfilling to figure out how to tackle a file,” she says. “I love that our files constantly challenge and inspire us.”

As the articling principal at Scarfone Hawkins, Colleen helps select the students who will work at the firm and then meets with them monthly to answer questions and provide guidance. “This is a fast-paced environment,” she says. “Students have a very hands-on experience and are exposed to sophisticated and complex transactions that you probably wouldn’t expect to see in Hamilton.”

A proud native Hamiltonian, Colleen is happy to build her legal practice in the city she loves and believes in.

Colleen is also a Trustee of the Hamilton Law Association.

Featured Work

Colleen played an instrumental role in the successful restructuring of one of the largest mushroom producers in North America as well as the restructuring of numerous large trucking companies operating throughout Canada.

She has successfully adjudicated a variety of legal matters in the Superior Court of Justice, the Commercial List, the Divisional Court and various administrative tribunals.

Q: Greatest role model.

− A: “My mother. I hope to be that kind of role model for my beautiful son.”

Q: Most important life lesson.

− A: “I tell our articling students that it’s okay if it takes a bit longer to figure out what you want to do and where you fit. I struggled early on and left the firm for a while to work elsewhere. Young lawyers worry there’s no room for doubt but there is. I had to figure it out in my own time.”

Q: Personal quality that’s served you well.

− A: “Staying humble and reminding myself that I don’t know as much as I think I do. There’s always something to learn: from my clients, from the other side’s lawyer, from the partners and my peers.”